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At the heart of my watchmaking philosophy is a belief that mechanical watches are true works of art. They're not just timepieces; they're expressions of my creativity and craftsmanship. While digital watches and phones may efficiently tell time, they lack the soul and emotional resonance of a finely crafted mechanical watch. I believe my watch design is an excellent platform to display my talents and the multitude of finishes seen on haute horology pieces. 


What distinguishes my watches is my unwavering attention to detail and insistence that each component serves a purpose while contributing to the overall aesthetics. My training at WOSTEP and collaboration with esteemed watchmakers have honed my skills to not only create beautiful designs but also ensure durability and reliable performance.


I am very proud of the fact that I work as a one man operation. This allows me to personally oversee every aspect of the process. Each part of the watch is finished by my hands, forging a deep personal connection with every piece that leaves my workshop. By limiting production to between 3 to 5 watches per year, I prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that each watch receives the utmost care and attention.

Transparency is key in my practice—I take pride in the origins of my parts and materials, working closely with other independent watchmakers. I bring a grounded and personal approach to watchmaking, offering top-tier service while maintaining honesty and integrity in every interaction.


Beyond craftsmanship, my love for travel deeply influences my work. Having explored various countries and cultures, I've gained a profound appreciation for diversity. I aspire to personally deliver as many watches as possible, forging meaningful connections with clients on a global scale.

Ultimately I am driven by a passion to create watches that bridge the gap between artist and collector. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to pursue this calling as my profession.

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