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School Watches


During my time in Neuchatel, Switzerland at the WOSTEP watchmaking school from 2009-2011, I designed, manufactured, and assembled my own wristwatch. This was not part of the course curriculum and was done in my spare time. I learned AutoCAD to design the movement I had in mind, which included a moon phase and power reserve. WOSTEP had all the machines needed to make a watch, and I was able to make all the parts needed with either the lathe, vertical mill, or jig borer. What started out as modifying a 6498, it turned into making an entire mainplate, bridges, dial, and many other parts for the power reserve and moon phase. The school was very accommodating in allowing me extra time in the workshop to complete the project of my dreams. Please click on the images to read descriptions about the making of this watch.


The layout and movement architecture I designed for this wristwatch (dubbed the AMS-1) carried over into my current design. I was inspired from classic Swiss and German watches of the past and present. Similar lines and finishes from this watch can be seen in the Ref. 119C. 


I blogged about the process of making the watch in school and you can read about it more in depth HERE

WOSTEP W-01 Pocket Watch

During the years I attended the school designed and produced their own calibre - the W-01. I was given watch #0006. The movements for the WOSTEP School Watches were supplied as incomplete kits that we were required to hand finish and assemble. As a test of our skills learned in the course we were tasked with making some of the components. We made the winding stem, bridge feet, balance staff, formed/timed the Breguet hairspring, and made the hairspring clamp. My hairspring clamp design was unique from the other 5 students. The current course does not make Breguet hairsprings/clamps for the school watch so my pocket watch is a 1 of 1 unique piece.

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