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The dial of the Ref. 119C is crafted to exacting standards and it comprises multiple components, including applied numerals and three distinct sections. Various techniques such as guilloché, frosting, graining, and polishing are employed in its meticulous construction.

The foundational element features a guilloché pattern meticulously hand-turned in brass using a rose engine, specifically a spiral wave variation of traditional basket weave. This intricate process is exceptionally time-intensive, often requiring dozens of hours per piece, with stringent quality control throughout. A warm black lacquer application complements the larger hour and minute section seamlessly.

The hour and minute section is machined from raw German silver, distinguished by a horizontal straight graining technique known for its demanding execution at a superior level. This treatment enhances the metal's iridescent properties, ensuring a distinctive appearance from every angle. A polished outer bevel frames the section, complemented by an enamel-filled signature discreetly positioned below the 12 o'clock marker.

The seconds section features a steel disc with dot markers filled in paint denoting each second. An outer concave slope design imparts depth to the dial, while the central area is finished with a frosted texture.

Steel applied numerals and indices, matching the hands, are meticulously crafted to enhance the dial's depth and visual appeal. These numerals, uniquely designed and refined in-house, mirror the font featured on the gold nameplate of the movement.

Handcrafted in-house, the hour and minute hands boast a distinctive spade shape fashioned from a single piece of material. These hands undergo meticulous hand polishing, with the center boss receiving a flat polish for added refinement. The seconds hand, also in a spade shape with a tail, consists of two parts: the hand itself and a blind centre tube, which poses challenges during fitting due to its non-adjustable nature.

In summary, each element of the Ref. 119C dial reflects a dedication to precision and artistry, resulting in a timepiece that exemplifies craftsmanship at its highest level.

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