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The case of the Ref. 119C is a bespoke creation, carefully designed and machined specifically for the SH1 movement. This two-part design integrates unique aesthetic and functional elements. Crafted from 316L Stainless Steel, the prototype features sapphire crystals with anti-reflection coating—domed on the dial side and flat on the movement side. Dimensions measure 39.5mm in diameter, 10.8mm in thickness, with a lug-to-lug distance of 48mm, ensuring a water resistance rating of 50 meters. While these dimensions are standard, customization for larger sizes and alternative materials is available upon request.

The case architecture prioritizes minimalism without compromising durability or waterproof integrity. Precision wire EDM machining achieves sharp inner corners between the lugs, with uniquely slanted lug tips. The movement is secured by two tabs into small reliefs within the case. Notably, the gaskets for the crystals are nearly invisible, seamlessly integrated into grooves machined to precise fit.

The crown features 24 angled grooves symbolizing each hour, engraved with an 'S' in my bespoke Sarauer Horology type font. Circular graining, frosting, and polishing further enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Each case undergoes meticulous hand-finishing with abrasive paper and pastes, ensuring clean lines and defined edges on the lugs. The prototype strap, crafted from grey ostrich leather, bears the Sarauer Horology etching inside. A diverse range of strap options is available, sourced from Canadian artisan Aaron Bespoke for their superior craftsmanship and material selection.

Completing the ensemble is a tang-style buckle featuring my signature design that is hand-filed and beveled, and adorned with a small maple leaf emblem—a nod to my Canadian heritage.

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